Aerobie PRO 13" flying ring Frisbee ($7.95)

Aerobie PRO 13" flying ring Frisbee.
This is a spectacular flying ring!! It holds the Guinness World Record for the farthest object thrown at 1,333 feet (406 meters)!!! The Aerobie is perfect for a thrilling game of catch!!! The soft rubber edges are great for comfortable catches. This large flying disc is 13" in diameter. If your looking for something that is not going to make you hike as much look at the Smaller Aerobie, or the X-zylo! All are MADE IN THE U.S.A.!

* Patented spoiler rim balances lift, creating amazingly straight and accurate flights
* Unique two-piece construction features a soft rubber cushion for comfort
* Easily thrown twice as far as any convetional disc product.
* Set a Guinness World Record for the world’s farthest thrown object
* Anyone can throw the Aerobie incredibly far with amazing accuracty

Sorry, no guarantee on color ,but make a note in the payment area and I’ll try and get you the color you wish!


Air Burst Rocket ($29.95)

THE Amazing Air Burst Rockets fly’s higher than any other air-powered or non-combustion rockets (and even a lot of combustion ones too!!!! ).
This amazing new rocket kit uses no heat, no flames, no explosives, no batteries or electricity of any kind! Its power source is simple air pressure and breakthrough membrane boosters. Together they can power these rockets to altitudes up to 1,000 ft or more! Five different thrust levels are possible with just a few pumps from any stand-up bike pump (sold separately) Comes with 2 different rockets and 60 membrane boosters (30 white and 30 red). With instructions, for ages 10 and up with adult supervision. Adult supervision required.

This Toy created some amazement in the local area when I used it the first time. I admit I was somewhat skeptical about the 1000-foot claim. Being a Long time ESTES combustion rocket engine user I know what it takes to get to 1000 feet!!! But this thing is the REAL DEAL. I started out on the lowest power and even with the single White Photon disc it almost went out of site, but the rocket landed with in close distance every time. It even landed on concrete twice and the rockets were perfect and survived for more launches. This is really an amazing toy. I definitely have something to use on the Kite flying fields when the winds wont bring my kites up any more.


Air-Yo ($29.95)

The Air-YO is a flying toy with its roots in kites. Direct every glide, hover, and orbit of the Air-YO using the Control Rod. Play alone or, using extra Control Rods, connect as many as three or more people to one Air-YO at the same time. The incredible performance of the Air-YO makes it easy and instantly usable for anyone. Endless tricks, multi-player games, and accuracy make the Air-YO highly addictive and fun for even the most obsessed pilot. The Air-YO is designed by Tim Elverston, Curtiss Mitchell, and Ruth Whiting of WindFire Designs.For more information on the Air-YO visit!

Chose the Design (click picture for Deigns), "Iris","Birdie", OR "Twisty".
Add an Extra Control rod for only $8.95 (make a note of this in the payment area)


Xzylo ($7.95)

X-zyLo, for the ultimate game of catch!!! Skilled throwers can commonly achieve distances exceeding 100 yards (I have personally hit 112 yards with mine& that’s a hike to retrieve!!). The X-zyLo is thrown like a football with a clean spin and works well with a sidearm throw: low and fast.

How Does X-zyLo Work you ask?

In simple terms, the thick leading edge ring works as a gyroscope (like the wheel of a bike, it is very stable while it’s wheels are spinning) and it resists gravity from pulling the Leading edge down. Once it is free from gravity angling it down then lift takes over (like the wing of an airplane) and keeps it up, and being VERY thin it has VERY little wind resistance.

This flying gyroscope has fascinated people of all ages and still intrigues scientists with its unique flight characteristics. X-zyLo flies straight and far by creating it’s own lift. It weighs less than an ounce and has been thrown over 200 yards! The reason that X-zyLo flys is due to both gyroscopic and aerodynamic principles. One can learn a lot about both of these principles while having fun playing with the X-zyLo and comparing it with gyroscopic principles and airplanes.

X-zyLo was invented by a Baylor University student in 1991. You will observe that it consists of a thin, heavy ring (the gyro) that measures 3.75" in diameter and 1/2" wide and a light, thin cylinder (the wing) that is approximately 2 1/2" long. It is straight on the "leading" end and curved or "scalloped" on the "trailing" end. X-zyLo weighs 25 grams -less than one ounce (28 grams). X-zyLo’s world record throw is 218 yards or 655 feet!! Nothing so light has ever been thrown so far!!!